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How to Host Game Night, Part 2

dart board with note saying game night pinned to it with a dart

In our last post, The Mansions on the Park Blog shared a few tips to help make your game night go smoothly. Knowing which games to play can be hard; just look at this list of board games by category — there are so many! To make finding a fun game easier, we’re sharing a few recommendations.

Our first board game recommendation is Tsuro, a game designed for up to 8 players. Board games don’t come much simpler than this tile-laying, dragon-themed one. Simply place a tile, and then move your token along the new path that has been created. Your goal is to stay on the board. While it only takes about 30 seconds to learn and 15 minutes to play, Tsuro is a great choice for any game night.

Transform your game night with Escape Room: The Game. Consisting of four adventures, Escape Room: The Game turns your apartment into a real-life escape room. Once you’ve played one of the adventures, you can’t play it again. Good thing they’re releasing more! The description says, “Take the viral social experience of Escape Rooms to the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost that you would pay! Included in this game are 4 unique 60-minute escape room puzzles that will test your cranial skills. Use images, gears, words, keys, shapes, maps and more to solve the three stages within each escape room.”

Another game that’s sure to spark some great conversation is The Prodigals Club. Board Game Geek says, “You and your fellows are proper Victorian gentlemen who have realized that the lower classes have more fun. Now you are in a friendly competition to see which of you can destroy his own social standing most thoroughly. In The Prodigals Club, you compete in three separate competitions: trying to lose an election, trying to get rid of all your possessions, or trying to offend the most influential people in high society.”

Our last game recommendation that we have for you is We Didn’t Playtest This At All, a game for 2 to 10 players. Not many games get more random than this one right here. Simply draw a card and then play one from your hand, doing what it says. You might engage in a battle of rock, paper, scissors, or maybe a kitten ambush attacks your neighbor. You’ll never be prepared for what to expect in this wacky and wild party game that’s a ton of fun!

We hope you find the perfect game for your night of fun in Magnolia, Texas. Share in the comments what games are your favorites to play. Thanks for reading!

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